Friday, April 17, 2009

booby trap holla

Wow Mr. Jacobs, what on earth inspired you to do this?

If i haven't spent atleast 2/3 hours browsing fashion pages/blogs/flickrs today then I don't know, as I have come across a myriad, SAY! a plethora of inspiring images that make me want to SNAP SNAP SNAP away at a stunning model with my camera. Which reminds me, I have to call back a few people who will pose for me in the coming weeks. how exciting.

Also, it appears today's favourites are all connected to graffiti and body art, as the above Marc Jacobs image inspires some concern in me, yet makes me thing "wow, this guy can not only design killer clothes he can also take them off in the name of fashion." now theres a statement if I ever heard one!

Then I came across some images from an older, 2008 edition of Paris Vogue which are giving me ammo for yet another funky shoot.

On a different note, I'm currently collecting inspiring ideas for the following essay topic, which I am quite excited to be ranting about:

Why do you think (some) contemporary women artists are working with the themes of pornography, obscenity and explicit sexuality in exploring issues of representation and desire? Does the gender of the artist affect the reception of the work? In your essay refer to specific artists / art works and consider if the work challenges or reinforces established notions of sexual difference?

Anyway, having just re-read this question, I stumbled across the following images of Naomi Campbell from the december 08 edition of Russian Vogue, where I feel the level of fetishism and blatant sexual suggestion overpower the primary purpose of the exercise, which is to show off a garment and advertise fashion. the above statement makes this series of photos a prime candidate for examples in my essay. And don't get me wrong. I never said I didn't like fetish themes.

Off I totter now to do some more organizing of my room, re-attach the desk-lamp which finally came unscrewed after a year me of me twisting and re-adjusting it constantly, and I will continue reading about eroticism and sexuality in contemporary art. This area of literature is a lovely contrast to my own reading of choice, which is the Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice. I am now off to make my acquaintance known to Mr. Darcy. Toodleoo

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