Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday saw necessity become priority as I finally took some exhibition posters to some of my favourite shops in Adelaide and stocked up on some much needed art supplies. I'm somehow not surprised by the fact that all the painting i've done for the show so far, (and many other works) have all been done with the one little paintbrush and set of watercolour discs. Way to ration. hmm :)

So after seeing a pack of 3 little moleskine journals in the Mary martin bookshop on Rundle street, and thinking about illustration on them and putting them up for sale at the opening, I found them again during my quick shopping spree at the art shop and purchased a set. I ended up doing all three last night and today and I think they turned out quite nicely.

Eanie Meanie [left] and Hope [right]


and I thought I'd share my custom made stamp from the US by the lovely craftpudding! :)
I made up my own inkpad, so its a little dodgy but still, I achieved the desired effect!

.. and here is the official poster:


Cait said...

Whoo! They all look beautiful, I'm SO excited!!

peachpatrol said...

you found me! hey! :) thanks !