Tuesday, May 26, 2009

an op and shop

This is the most updated prototype of the pendant series I'm doing with polarity, an amazing american artist I found through etsy. i can't wait to have this in my hot little hand!

oh, and it turns out my idea isn't so original. I found a competition by the Moleskine company, who are looking at illustrators to work on their covers. there were some pretty amazing entries. I shall prevail anyhow.

I'm also collecting some good advice from friends and friends of friends on what to see in Sydney. My beloved boyfriend is coming to join me for about a month, which is VERY Exciting as he lives far far away, and as a birthday present from my parents we get to go to sydney for about 4 days. which should be pretty awesome! So far I have a few great places to go such as the Chinese Laundry, MCA, the Art Gallery of NSW, Newtown (as a suburb) and a bunch of others. I'm wondering if there are any other cool places I've missed that are off the beaten track. And we've been to Paddington markets already.. so yeah. anyone have anything for me there?

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