Wednesday, May 27, 2009

smile like you mean it

oh noo... i'm almost crying out of distress. this designer is amazing and me wanty.

these amazing lightweight cotton dresses are made by Cimarosa, who is totally wonderful and amazing. I really wish there were stockists in Adelaide, as there are some things you just have to try on before buying. like this. bags and socks are good, safe online buys but these babies I'd be too nervous to invest in without having first tried them on, and making sure I don't look like the little girl on the prairie Laura Ingall.

speaking of stunning clothing, I've been thinking of investing in a pair of handmade snuggly slippers like these, which I found on etsy about 6 months ago. they are made to order and are by CaitiJo, who is totally lovely.. mmm warm tootsies.

For now I shall sit back and look forward to working in the jewellery studio for a few hours, then catching up with a dear friend Jess who will give me the bestest mix CD EVER, and visiting my other friend Anna at work who is giving me a brooch she just made. yay! brooch exchange. then I shall be at the gallery til late. very good. just hope I have the stamina to stick it all out.
nighty night.

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