Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ah the possibilities

Right now I am excited because:

1. I got payed.
2. My boyfriend is in Copenhagen right now and I am very excited for him.
3. I am (slowly) getting to the bottom of my "assignments to finish and hand up pronto" list
4. Visited one of Australia's most famous/successful glassblowers Nick Mount at his home studio and got to chat with him one on one. I was mostly impressed by his amazing garden which was full of grapefruit, rhubarb and succulents, and he even had a round island of soil in the middle with two or three boats filled with soil and plants! Pretty insane.
5. I just spent the better part or this arvo/evening at my terrific mate Anna's house playing Wii for the first time, and kicking butt in bowling and tennis! Yeah.. after failing miserably at the shooting and boxing. Hah. Just proves i'm an active little critter.. or that I need to get out more.

This entry could be mistaken for an attempt at procrastination because i was ideally going to try and finish off my essay for my 3rd year Contemporary art subject, however my eyes are feeling tired and droopy, my tummy a bit ill and my bed is doing its weird magnetic superpower thing where it begins vibrating at this higher frequency and drawing me closer and closer to its warm, comfy cotton bosom.

Another reason I can't be bothered getting on with this essay is that I am still hyped from glassblowing earlier today. I used some multi-coloured frit which was mostly made up of oranges and blues and made a small round bowl and a little vessel. And a small, clear hip-flask. Mwuaha. So now I feel like just ripping in there and pumping out a whole bunch of things for my solo project, for which I have begun making a series of Egg Vases, which look a lot like this:

except more transparent and approximately the size of the smallest one. Photos to come soon! Anyway... enough dawdle. should go be productive. goodnight.


Nadia Lavard said...

Oh, he's here!? *looks from side to side*

Yay on the blowing-thingy! Can't wait to see some photos, lovebitch!

peachpatrol said...

ok artwhore, glass pics coming up!