Friday, July 3, 2009

kitty is king

i've been looking at lots of interior decorating/home idea sites and I have discovered a secret motivating force people often utilize to make their spaces look better and more desirable - PETS! (cute ones or ones so ugly they are almost cute) I reviewed my interior decorating inspo folder and noticed that a lot of images I had saved over the past 2 years contain cats and dogs which somehow seem to make a space look more lived in and homely. isn't it funny?

so next time I advertise my home/future flat for rent I will be sure to either include my own pet if I am lucky enough to have one at the time or borrow a friend's. hah :)
"Ok Bruno now look at the camera.. the camera.. no, don't pee on the carpet!"
*it will be joy


Cait said...

OMG that BED. I've wanted one just like that for YONKS!

peachpatrol said...

i know right?
.. I've wanted a cat like that for ages! haha