Saturday, August 22, 2009

arty update, finished bits and works in progress

finished bits currently on show @ Electric Light Hotel, Adelaide

some works in progress

AndI have two commissions I should be working on right now, a piece I need to frame for tuesday to go to the Royal Adelaide Show AND i have an interview tomorrow in front of my works to talk about myself as an artist and whatnot! And then I have to take down that show aswell. Busy busy busy but there ain't no other way to beee.


K. Sundari said...

Very beautiful and whimsical pieces. Quite lovely. I also look forward to seeing your window installation. Hopefully I'll get my act together and put in a proposal in time.

peachpatrol said...

hi Sundari
thanks for the lovely comment :)
might serve you well to email Connor ahead of time to let him know theres something coming from you :)
see you on friday

Giselle Ariane said...

these are gorgeous! I love artsy people.