Sunday, August 9, 2009

Its Doc. Doc Martens.

I've been trying to decide whether or not I am a Doc Martens girl. And if by the odd chance I am, then what colour and variety of Doc Martens would I be? The purple floral print kind or maybe the white with black laces type? Am I hardcore and fashiony enough for the badass black boots, and would I even have anything that would go with the dainty white ones?

A simple question like this poses many tangent questions which lead to an eventual shrug of a shoulder, raising of an eyebrown which symbolises the complete assless pointlessness of such pondering which I of course can't help but engage in. Maybe one day/week/month soon I will buy a pair just for the hell of it and hope that through the evolution of my personal journey somehow the two end up going together and i don't feel and look like a fool whilst walking down the street. In the meantime I have some kickass grey sneaks I scored from Target for $14.95 which excites me greatly not only because I am low on funds but also because they are pretty damn rad. I also added some maroon ribbon to the front of them which I pulled off of an old birthday parcel I got a few months ago so now theyre atleast a little bit unique. Enough rambling about shoes. Time to put my inner Carrie Bradshaw on the shelf and get on with my reading for tomorrow's lectures. Ah. Goodnight.


Nadia Lavard said...

Don't give much thought into stuff like this. If you love them docs, go buy them. I got myself a pair of ten-holes, black ones. I adore them, even though it takes time for them to be worn-out and comfi to wear.
Buy them love, they're fab!

peachpatrol said...

haha thanks hun! let me know when you find an apartment and a couch and then IM THERE!! :D (maybe with docs on..)