Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tiger by my side

Wow. Life has been super busy. Preparing for another show which opens on friday night, organizing and baking amazing stuff for a bakesale til midnight. here is my smashing poster for the gig:

Oh and doing just about a million things at once have left me feeling kindof empty and shell like tonight. My head feels like a balloon, all inflated on the inside, but heavy at the same time.. kinda like its just there, lolling on my neck and shoulders. so weird. sorry for the graphic description. luckily i've had time to do a few shoots lately, and here are a few of my fave fruits of my labour. :)

forgotten 2009

mushaboom 2009

Can't stop listening to Empire of the Sun. so good. sooo good. Hence the title "tiger by my side".. so amazing. Oh and my friend Vera took some photos of me. This is the only one i have yet, and I really like it. Love the tones. mmmm :) .. but why am I looking at my feet?

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