Thursday, September 3, 2009

house of cards

Yesterday I caught up with my good friend Vera to do one of our sortof-routine "wednesday shoots", wherein we get together and explore and take photos of each other. its a pretty good deal, made sweeter by the fact that we get to explore our city together. That city being Adelaide. For now. Its pretty rad, loots of little nooks and crannies with unexpected street art popping up between windows and in doorways. Its pretty exciting.

You really never know what you find - it started to rain so we spontaneously hurried down an alley and was about to pass these two giant double wooden doors which were shoved open and left exposed. We went in and were amazed and very excited. It could've been a club or privately owned saloon of sorts. it came with pirate paintings, a small kitchenette, many lightglobes and fixtures, amazing old chairs, stunning green tiles all along the rool and those amazing "dessert" signs and things. we took the opportunity and ran with it, shooting away excitedly, guiding and telling each other what we wanted. it was pretty radical, and we have some shots to prove it!

I haven't yet gotten through the whole shoot as there are a few hundred photos, but I have to say this is definitely the best haul of top notch shots yet. The three I share above are all from yesterday's shoot.

Life is good. Busy, but very good. I have many illustration and painting commissions, payed shifts at the gallery and a $500 printing voucher which came with a fancy award I won last week for a painting. So its quite good in that regard. Having said that I am setting off on my epic eurotrip in about 10 weeks and I have very minimal funds. we'll see how we go though ..
cheer up sailor, there are seas to be charted and waves to be sliced..


Sundari said...

Good luck for your trip. And that warehouse sounds pretty cool.

peachpatrol said...

was amazing! :) and thank you.