Friday, September 18, 2009


its so odd - i've been thinking so much about memories and the idea of loss and forgiveness and just the passing of time in general. so tonight when I stumbled on a journal featuring photos and quotes from people describing the time and place where that photo was taken, I was really touched and felt quite nostalgic. I also want to have the time of my life. I also want to be weightless, careless and free! I want to fly by the seat of my pants, wear the same Tshirt for a week and meet hundreds of people per week and touch all their lives in a weird, wonderful, tiny way. Here are a few of my favourite memories by other people.

"They were taken whilst i was living in LA in 1991. I was 21. I was totally broke all I had was my boyfriend, our amazing circle of friends and my Polaroid camera. It was one of the best times of my life."

"The photo is taken the summer of 2001 in my flat in Paris. It was one of these summers where everything was possible and anything could happen and it did..."

Oh and today somehow took a turn for the better in comparison to yesterday, which was God-awful to put it lightly. I guess getting things off my chest is really good therapy - I had a good friend of mine take me out to sushi (his shout) and then gelati (my shout) and have a really good, long chat about life, love and relationships. It was really great. Today I finished my last assignment for uni before the holidays (which officially start NOW! wooo) although I have a million things to do in the 'break', and there will be numerous days where I'll be cruising the campus as per usual. I'm aiming to design and get my website completed or atleast half-done by the end of these two weeks, as well as the 2 main commissions I'm working on and get some prints of my work arranged!

Tomorrow I have a shoot with a lovely little model, and then work at the gallery and then 1 gig and 2 parties to go to.. still don't know where I'll stay the night so we shall see how it all comes together.. goodnight for now.


Sundari said...

That is beautiful. I love the idea of a 'photo diary'. I think some photographs just really need the story to make them more special. Have a good break.

peachpatrol said...

Yeah.. I mean most photos have got a story, but some just have a brilliant one! I missed you in class last friday, are you alright?