Thursday, October 29, 2009

a hot way to earn cash

After two full days of working as a glass blower's assistant I can officially say I am knackered. My poor body, namely arms and shoulders is achy and though yesterday was worse, I am still incapable of putting much pressure on some parts of my friends. Like if I lean on a chair to reach for something I yelp and collapse on it due to excessive marvering, having made some two hundred heart paperweights yesterday, and around 30-40 large multicolored platters today. Phew. Having said all the above I am so excited and proud of myself for scoring this gig. It is very encouraging being told I am good by a professional artist and feeling like I'm really achieving something. Its a pity we're getting close and into the dynamics of working together so close to my departure. *sigh* But I shall be back, better than ever, as it looks like I may be able to get some blowing gigs overseas. Which would be amazing.

As for right this minute I should really stop singing along to the Kills and Le Tigre and stop browing fffound but.. I can't. Actually I can. I believe in myself. Come on essay-writing extraordinaire alter ego, show yourself!