Friday, March 19, 2010

i spy..

through my fisheye, something...
plastic, blue and amazing!

Nicknamed ´The Blackbird´, used at waist heigh, creating two exposures from different points of view. I think it is a super-attractive product and that colour and design is to die for. My next lomography purchase will certainly be a fisheye lens, which I have dreamed about getting for many many years, and was not likely to be realized anytime soon.. until one of my bestest and most fantastic friends Kelly came to visit me in Hungary and surprised me with a Diana F+ lomography camera and two rolls of super saturated Fujicolour film. I have almost finished my first roll and was saving the second roll for my impending roadtrip with my boyfriend until I stumbled upon a really good 3 pack deal on ebay and purchased 3 rolls for $16 AUD, with the RRP being $10 each. So postage included I pretty much got 3 for the price of 2. Good enough for me!

So this is my baby right here, who I appropriately named .. well.. Diana.
This is no joke, mind you. I actually do "call" her by her name. For example some weeks ago I was pretty much out the door going to meet some friends when I realized I was missing my camera so I hollered "wait a second, I´ll just run back for Diana..!" Thats just how tight we are.

One thing I am concerned about is Diana´s health and safety, which is why I am seriously considering either investing in a padded camera case or making one myself. Today I discovered a pretty cute one, but it is around the fifty dollar mark which is a bit too spicy price for me right now. Keeping it in mind though. Maybe for Diana´s first birthday. But shhh.

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