Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lovely light

All the above images are from ffffound except number two, which is from a fabulous young lady´s blog weliveyoung.

Right at this moment I am getting so sick of eating nothing but butterbiscuit with tea that I am considering mashing a bunch of fruity or bready things together and drinking/gurgling it down. My testonsicles (swollen tonsils the approximate size of ... well, balls) are not getting much better after 35 hours of nursing. So i will be patient for another day, then if they do not decrease in size I will have to go visit a doctor.

Other than the above little complaint I am fine and happily editing my photos, drawing and reading my awesome book on Holistic Midwifery which is really inspiring and exciting. Midwifery is definitely a path I am considering for myself, or as the current situation stands, perhaps a part time degree just to satisfy my curiousity and passionate interest in the topic.

Mashing time. tataa for now.xx

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