Wednesday, July 21, 2010

la pomme

I realized I haven't done an artist feature in a while, and upon re-stumbling on this wonderful shop I knew I had to write about it! Le pomme is home to cute handmade wedding gifts and little interior delights hailing from a small atelier in the south of France. You can find their blog here.

Well its time to put the day behind me, celebrate Adam's success in getting into the final of Master Chef, read some more of my wonderful book and get some good sleep because there is a busy day ahead tomorrow. I will hopefully have a friend over to build furniture and have lunch with, as well as a couple of calls I have to make to clients regarding commissions and deadlines. Eep! Then of course the hard part of pricing my work which is always a tough thing to work out. Anyhow, first sleep, long list of to-dos later. Nighty night!

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