Tuesday, July 20, 2010

when I grow up..

I want to be a 'kissing chulucana'. Like this lovely rotund couple above.

Yesterday I visited Oxfam not once, but twice! First before my lunchdate with my friend Miriam and then again with her, and both times I kept going back to these amazing artisan made artifacts from Peru. I really love the colours, the energy, the curvaciousness, the soul that oozes out of these wonderful pieces.

I am thinking of sending some lovely friends to Oxfam for birthday presents if they feel a little bit unsure about what to get me. Thats the thing, I suppose with birthday presents. Unless you know someone really well, it is quite difficult to get it just right. Although I like to think of myself as an easy to please person, as a nice cup and saucer, wooden brooch or cook book would do me just fine. But probably everyone considers themselves easy to shop for?

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