Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lost & found

(I took these four images in four different cities around Holland during my roadtrip with my wonderful man Bjoern in April of this year. In order of appearance and occurence the photos were taken in Tjergaast, Amsterdam, Delft and Breda, where we met beautiful people and ate their beautiful meals .)

I am having a day of quiet melancholy, reminiscing about my travels and the amazing people and places I met along the way. Despite having lived there for almost two years, Holland still succeeded in making a mark on me on this trip. The quiet, the quaint and the acceptance of all things strange and wonderful really makes me want to move back there in the future. It really is an idyllic place to raise children, as the country is so abundant in green open land, delicious seafood and happy people. What better reasons to go?

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