Tuesday, September 28, 2010

work in progress

('pink' .. new work for Phat show in November)

Once again my week is off to a busy start. However, I no longer fear the freakishly growing mound of to-dos because I now have The Sexy Plan. Yes, you read it right! I have devised a giant calender in which I write all the things I have to do each day in order to avoid any last minute stressing and the forgetting of important things. I think this is really helping, as it allows me to put away some "play time" every day in which I can (try to) relax and do something fun. Like get in my Pjs and watch a silly Tv show for an hour or so. Or lie on the trampoline and read a book in the increasingly better weather. The image above is another sneak preview of my impending show at Phat coffee. Should be good! According to my friend the jewellery on this person reminds her of African culture and tribal accessories. That pleases immensely, as anything with the word "tribal" or "indigenous" has me at hello. What gets your heart racing?

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