Sunday, April 10, 2011

an education

Last night while writing my essay I found time to indulge in some quality British cinema in the form of An Education. I really enjoyed this film and revelled in the careful details it took to make nineteen sixties London come alive. The beautiful old cars to the stunning costumes Jenny (Carey Mulligan) and Helen (Rosamund Pyke) wore were wonderful.

I especially enjoyed the short romantic sequence in Paris, which was rich in saturated colour and sun spots, as though shot with a Super8 camera (fitting for the time). The nostalgic depiction of Paris really makes me want to go back there, but in summer this time! Have any readers seen this film? I'd love to know what your favourite part was.


Ula said...

I just love this movie

peachpatrol said...

I love carey mulligan in it! but yes, its an amazing tale.