Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Owlfest Spring Special

I am very excited to announce the arrival of the Owlfest Spring Special to my etsy shop!
I've been trying to find a way of incorporating a short term, limited edition ceramic range to my shop for a while, and at long last I did it. I've been asked by friends to make more owl cups, and considering the rent, material costs and firing fee of the studio, it isn't really worth it. Instead I figured I'd create a waiting-list of clients and book myself in for a two week slot. This way I can make all the orders in one go!

This offer for online shoppers starts today, on the 20 April and will be on until the 20 May. And as I have found that people tend to like having one of everything, I created a super-special saving to make it worth their while:

Buy 3 of any Owlfest Spring Special clay item and receive 15% off your order!

This includes the the Little Owl Tumbler, The Big Owl Tumbler, and The Little Owl Lovers Bowl.
Let me know what you think! x


Sundari said...

What a great idea. I only just realised you are no longer at SASA. So you have to pay for a studio? That's a pity. Looks as though you need to set up a shared studio.

peachpatrol said...

Actually I am still at Sasa for the whole year. I was indeed supposed to graduate with you guys but I deferred a semester and traveled last year. So I am making up those subjects now, and decided to pull it out over the whole year because Adelaide Uni is offering up some irresistible classes next semester.

Studiowise its more the problem that I am no longer a glass/ceramics students as I finished my glass minor. So we'll see what I can come up with!