Sunday, April 3, 2011

tales of love and longing

I finally got around to adding a couple of original paintings on wood to my etsy shop. Yay! The first image is of Pauline and the Worms, a one of a kind painting featuring ink, watercolour, graphite and colour pencil on wood. It tells the story of Pauline's wonderful dream where magical worms swim all around her, creating a stunning kaleidoscopic vision. I sure wish I could dream that way!

The second painting is a portrait of darling
May, a young maiden who gave her heart to a sailor who she misses very much. As he sails the seven seas each day, May sheds a longing tear for him and keeps the memory of their love alive until he returns again. This tale is a lot more personal, and has resonance for me. I better dash off to work now. Toodaloo x


Halle said...

uuuh, these are wonderful. And thank you for ur lovely comment, i appreciate it a lot!(:

peachpatrol said...

thank you :) and you're welcome :D