Friday, July 22, 2011

feature friday XIII - Jeannie Phan

Jeannie Phan is an artist who's work I have followed for years, marveling at her ability to create super-realistic hair and wonderful rich expressions on her characters. Based in Toronto, Jeannie has a keen interest in the micro-kingdom and the physiology of the human body, which she sums up in a surrealist twist. Recently she began producing little zines ("Its a Virus" pictured above) which I would really love to get my hands on. Don't forget to visit her blog on your way out.


Sundari said...

Her work is lovely. I can see how you would like her. Your work is beautiful too!

fruzsi said...

Hi Sundari. I think the thing I like most about her work is the amount of layers involved. She goes beyond the obvious, which is really exciting. :)