Friday, August 12, 2011

birthday beats and funky greets

I have been busy at work on new birthday cards, as I decided that instead of re-printing existing designs, I'd create new ones. I do believe constant innovation and reinvention are key to running a successful, albeit teeny-tiny business. I'm sure Willy Wonka wasn't always Willy Wonka. Once upon a time he was just Willy, the little boy who lived around the corner. Anyway, these two little things are what I came up with the other night while winding down from a busy day. I took pleasure in putting on one of my favourite films of all time, the cult classic Pulp Fiction and drawing and cutting up bits of paper. Such simple pleasures! At the moment I am unsure as to get them printed or not. I might make a few changes. Any suggestions?


catho said...

i like the first one! very cool

fruzsi said...

oh thank you! :) yes the other girl is a little morose in the 2nd piece. hmm