Tuesday, August 9, 2011

studio lingo & littlest vintage

Gosh, time is certainly flying isn't it? The weeks on the uni-calender are fluttering by and it is week three of the final semester of my uni degree. Very exciting stuff! Last week a new art/ vintage shop opened here in our great little city of Adelaide as an effort by the Renew Adelaide project. Studio Lingo paired with littlestVINTAGE in an abandoned shop in Prospect and created a wonderful little space full of paintings, cowboy boots and vintage crockery.

It was my second visit over the weekend, and meeting the lovely lady behind the counter was funny, as she was wearing one of my badges, "Miss Beardsley". She was excited to meet me and we had a great chat and she was very obliging and let me take a photo of her for my blog. So there she is along with my little goodies.


cara said...

oh nice, i will have to check it out! uni is insane right now, you're right. good luck with finishing your degree! i assume it's visual art, but i could be mistaken.

fruzsi said...

Hi cara, yeah is vis art. Art history. I'm also curating an exhibition and working a few jobs and making art etc etc ETC. crazy!! thanks for reading :)