Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dress - a little zine

I think I made mention of my trip to the Flinders Ranges a while back, where myself and about 17 others went out to rural South Australia for a week. It was a part of a textiles experience camp for uni, where we learned how to dye cotton and wool with dyes derived from Australian Native plants. This was one of the most amazing, invigorating and exciting weeks of my life, and I will forever remember it fondly.

The final exhibition and presentation of the works was last week, the photos of which I will share with you shortly. In addition to producing work we also had to have a short story (no longer than 750 words) prepared relating to the research we did about this place in the Flinders Ranges. I later turned my story into a little zine, which I am thinking of making a limited edition of. It tells the story of a migrant from England called Mary, who as a young child gets transported to Australia in the 1880s to work and make a living for herself. The story is told from the point of her dress, which becomes her sole reminder of home, and her best friend. I think this may just find a place in my etsy shop.


Sundari said...

That looks really cool! I like zines!

fruzsi said...

Thanks Sundari! I like zines too. I hope you are having a great time in China I can't wait to hear all about your photographic adventures. Safe travels x