Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Me, Leave Me (for one night only)

(photo credit to smashing Alex Kwong)

Oh my gosh. What an absolutely crazy week it has been! I am still reeling from the stress/excitement/craziness of it all! But the point is, the exhibition was a smashing success and we all had a great time. Josh and I managed to sell 34 pieces of art in the span of 4 hours, which I deem a splendiferous effort. In addition we had over 400 people through our doors, who appeared to be quite thirsty as they cleaned us out good at the bar! We made two giant bowls of punch, of which not a drop remained by the end of the evening. We got a whole bunch of features in local publications and mags including fivethousand, Adelaide Matters, and a whole one page interview with me in Rip It Up Magazine, which I think had a lot to do with our success. We are already planning our next one night only event, so stay tuned!

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