Tuesday, October 11, 2011

prints and things

Oh dear me! I realize how busy a time it has been, when I see that its been a week since my last post. That is not good. In between finishing my Bachelor degree in Art History, co-directing a busy gallery and working a few other odd jobs/gigs around the place I have no time to update my little blog. Anyway, I'd like to remind all you lovely followers to also like my artist page on facebook, where I frequently do little giveaways. Yesterday I sent a sticker pack to the first person to like the update, and will do another one next week! In other news, my etsy sale is coming to a close shortly, so be sure to pay the shop a visit. There are new goodies, two in fact! On monday I printed up large, A3 sized prints of Oola and Loola, and I Dream of Triangles. They look great this large, I think I will do A3 prints of all the currently listed illustrations. What do you think?


bicocacolors said...

you're so talented!
really looove your artworks,

a big hello from Madrid,

fruzsi said...

Hi Elena,
thank you so much for your comment!
That is so lovely :) Wow madrid!