Sunday, May 13, 2012

oodles of doodles

I suspect that my recent flow of creative energy is thanks to crazy amount of brain capacity I am using for Masters and my recent solo show. Its as though all my painterly creative urges have been surpressed in the in the interest of study and work and now, as soon as I picked up the pen and brush again, out if came! i'm filling journal after journal and these quick shots were taken from my latest journal, all painted on the same day. I'm liking the colour scheme, and drawing some interesting visual conclusions from these little brainwave sketches. hmm..


Amber said...

These are really cool and I like the color scheme too!

fruzsi said...

Thank you Amber! :)

Sofie Marie said...

Jusr found these, love them and your other work! Its so great when you have creativity surges,I've had tons recently and I really need to get posting my artwork too.
(not sure if you see this, as this post seems to be from last year :( )