Thursday, September 18, 2008

la revancha del chai feind

It is now almost 10 pm, which is very early in my general day-to-day routine, however over the course of the past say... 60 hours or so I have begun a new, superior sleeping pattern.. sleeping early, rising earlier. eg. fell into exhausted comalike slumber at 8pm two nights ago and woke up at 4:30 and messaged Bjoern, who ended up calling me and we talked for 2 hours. It was possibly the best use of time difference AND best enhancement to my morning I have known.. ever. Last night, however I was hoping to run with the same theory of early sleep and early rise when -
I burnt my fingertip on a bit of hot glass (dont ask.) and couldn't fall asleep on account of a throbbing, searing finger. Then after much cursing and tossing I snuck in some sleep. I then proceeded to get up at 5 am, write a comparative glass/sculpture essay in 4.5 hours and run to the busstop in pretty much the clothes i slept in. I then went to my abnormally short tute to receive feedback on the last history essays (I scored yet another HD. *proud face*) and then dashed to the library to begin and complete forgotten assignment #2 due at 2pm today.

Besides this the day was good, as I was simply cruising in zombie - mode.
But enough of that codswallop. Having said codswallow I now feel the need of reading a Roald Dahl novel again. That man is possibly one of the most underrated geniuses of our time! No kidding I think he was really onto something. Something wonderful. *makes mental note to read The Witches again. Soon*

I am in serious need of some winter skirtage. Possibly high wasted.. im not sure. Or the cute mid thigh layered goodness kind. Not fussed just SKIRT ME!

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." -Oscar Wilde

Though I find that quote thoroughly amusing, my veins begin pumping extra blood when I hear ugliness and fashion in a sentence.

Being a fashion designer would be amazing.

I should take a figure drawing class. And study human anatomy. That would be the sex.

Another thing on my mind is $$. And earning it. And saving it. What a dilly of a pickle! I'll get there...

In the meantime I remain on the hunt and on the prowl for the following to name a few:

~a cute nickel clasp purse. large. to fit all my wallet related crapola in and still remain looking fabulous.

~skirt(s) as mentioned before. the kind that look pretty with coloured/black tights and cute shoes.

~some new music. like the new Bloc Party album. Must go nag Mitchell. He promised.

~a cool belt

~vintage dress

~heels. like a nice pastel-yellowy colour.

Anyway I must go. Long day and muchos work awaits me tomorrow. I will now get back to reading Anne Frank's diary (again.) that girls is amazing.

Goodnight <3>

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