Thursday, September 18, 2008

a fake flower is a flower nonetheless

Firstly, two things made my day today. The first was a lovely indie looking girl with pretty curly hair getting on the bus, then a busstop later her also indie looking, postman-hat wearing boyfriend got on and the way her eyes lit up upon seeing him, and how he smiled just warmed my heart something fuzzy. I miss my Bjoern every day and seeing other couples happy together, like ACTUALLY happy made me feel great. Like they valued their time together and nothing else mattered.

Secondly, Robin brought a whole pack of cookies to our digital art class to share and they are crunchy and crumbly and tasty. Delish. I best get back to my Dreamweaver tutorial now --
Im now doing research into beautiful photography (which i do anyway though now i finally have an excuse) because I have to take some photos ideal for roll-overs for a website which i am creating. so an online portfolio for my work. exciting stuff.

Now im really excited and motivated to do some more shoots in the holidays, get some of my lovely and obliging girlfriends to do some modelling for me :) im planning some...
~ splendid wallpapers
~retro dresses
~ wind
~faceless shots.

Now I must write to my lovely Steph-friend who is in the mark of Dan whom i must question and quizzle about her experience. im excited.

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