Sunday, September 21, 2008

locking lips with some sweet cherry pie

The First thing that made my day yesterday was the awesome stuff I scored at my local monthly vintage market. Such as a bag of unique buttons which i bartered down to $4.50 from its original $8 price. Also a little retro green and red scarf which I have lots of things I can wear with annnnd finally an awesome pair of brown leather heels, totally comfy and my size which I got for $15 from a lovely girl who gave them to me cheaper cos she could see I wanted them. (They were $25 otherwise) So im very excited. I will put in a picture soon.

The second thing that made my day yesterday was a little something I was lucky to witness. I was sitting in the window bar of Biga, this awesome little pastisserie/ latteplace on the outskirts of the city, watching people and cars when a nice old couple walked by the place and stopped, and decided they would have a coffee here. And the gentleman pulled out the seat and waited while his wife, taking her sweet time, took a seat. It was very nice. Something we dont see much of anymore. We should bring cavalry back.

Im cleaning my room at the moment and discovering all sorts of long buried treasures which I collected on my last journey to the homeland, ~Europe. I found some old framed certificated which I proceeded to strip from the abovementioned frames and replace with lovely old postcards and vintage posters I got from Hungary advertising drinks and cigarettes. nothing like the old propaganda, telling you exactly what is (not) good for you ^^

It is currently raining cats and dogs, which is a bit of a worry as I have to cycle to work this morning. Not only that I also have to pump up the tired tires of my also old and tired bicycle. Anyhow enough ramble from me I should be going.

Before I forget, just wanted to say a little something.
~This boy is the best


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