Thursday, September 25, 2008

that certain pixie cut

The thing that not only made me smile out loud AND made my day was this picture of two danish Architecture students. arent they adorable? this picture could sell anything from toilet brushes to toothpaste. adorable.

Other than that, having experienced a near death by dog barking in the park this morning I made it to my Museum date with Nicole in one piece (after legging it no less than 400m in a public park at 10 am this morning. nothing like a light exercise before breakfast you say?

After our round trip, and my major droolage over an Egon Schiele book which cost no less than $130AUD we decided to cut our literate losses and count our intellectual gain and proceeded to polish off some delicious sushi rolls and do a bit of (window) shopping. In case you have not heard of this amazing, wonderful, witty man then here is a small taste of the wonder behind the organic genius' whatshallwecall it .. "zazazuuu".

Today was actually a great day for not only the above reasons but also because
a) i didnt have to work today
b) i didnt have to work today
c) I scored thai fishermanspants to wear to the beach or wherever in the sweltering heat AND a fabulous little floralprint skirt perfect with tights, ballet flats and a crop jacket. cant wait to wear it!

That shall be all, it is well due time to retire for the night, continue my Anne Frank journey and squiz over some fashion magazines I purchased today. mmmm, couture.
Tomorrows shift of 10 hours waits for no man. Goodnight and good luck.


Connor Tomas O'Brien said...

Egon Schiele is amazing. I saw an exhibition of his paintings in this old European palace. Lots of fucked-up nudity.

peachpatrol said...

whereabouts was the exhibition?
and i see youre a student in Adelaide? Are u at Adelaide Uni?