Monday, September 29, 2008

the magic of peach.. and listening

These are two of my most recent works, first one titled A minor mishap and the second Just another day. They got a really good reception on deviant art, and fotocommunity where I posted them , and i really didnt expect such a hype. so i'm happy and quite pleased with myself! *proudface* If you'd like to see more, feel free to visit;

Ive also been re-inspired to dance more, not that I needed inspiration, really.. but still, I watched Step Up 2 - The Streets twice in the last two days. Its exactly what I needed. And it helped that I had low expectations for it, which it certainly exceeded.

I also bought a new dress today from one of my favourite shops, Botika. Its a beautiful peach coloured dress, with a square neckline and pretty embroidery. Its really lovely and I'm excited and pleased. Its absolutely my colour :) yay! Funny how something like this can just totally make your day. I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow. Im sure the gallery curators are just gonna love it ^^

I'm also getting a new mobile this week which is an exciding update simply because it means I will be in contact with the outside world once more! I picked a cool retro-ish nokia which is splendid and black and not as fat as my current, almost retired one. so thats nice.
Might leave it at that for tonight, sod off to bed as I will be at the gallery from 10 to 5 tomorrow. And I'm happy about it too. Now I'm gonna talk to my Bjoerni. Goodnight

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