Friday, October 31, 2008

suddenly I understand..


I saw my friend Laura's photo on her facebook of a similar composition, except with of course her own face and objects but the idea is to place all the random things in your pockets and other special its on the scanner alongside your pretty face and scan and send. I love it. I think the effect is marvellous! I may attempt it soon and I have done some extensive research and I dont think theres been cases of reported burning or blinding due to face scanning. so I hope/think i'm safe! link is : if anyone is interested in seeing and hearing more. if you check back in a few weeks you might even see my own squashed face grimacing back at you.

Life otherwise has been very full on, lots of planning lots of work lots of gilmore girls and lots of lack of sleep. that is all for now. good night and good luck.

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