Sunday, October 5, 2008

you can live in the corner of my room

I believe i have officially worn my new dress to death. Not that its a bad thing really, it shows I really do love it and enjoy wearing it. Theres nothing worse than impulse-buying a garment then wearing it to a single occasion.

I bought this lovely piece of peachy goodness in my favourite shop, Botika.
This is how it looked in the shop ~

In a closer shot its more obvious how lovely and intricate the neckline is, with embroidered pieces on both sides a little lower down.

*Note to Steph before I forget, here are the shoes i bought for $15 at the street markets! yay!

Time to get back to writing that history essay. for some reason its not keen on writing itself.


steph. said...

awesome, those shoes look rad. i stumbled across this amazing, cheap (for denmark standards) vintage store yesterday, i went in but was practically hyperventilating, i think i need to go back with a bottle of water and a paper bag... so overwhelming. SO GOOD!

Robin said...

What a sweat dress!

peachpatrol said...

thanks heaps! and it sure is :D

peachpatrol said...

Oh and Robin if you read this .. your photo location reminds me of a place in "The Lives of Others" which is a german movie. You havent seen it by any chance?