Saturday, November 29, 2008

badge baby!

Well my exhibition opening on thursday night went splendidly :) what can I say?
People came, people loved, people bought and I am happy and feeling pretty proud :D
This was the first time I properly made work to sell and WANTED to sell it, and I decided that turning my little watercolour illustrations into badges was the way I wanted to do it. For a few years now I've been nagged and nagged to make "portable art"/'art my friends could have' and I decided that it would be upon this momentous occasion that I make my debut. Here are some of the photos from the opening.

My friend Caitlin was also kind enough to photograph some of my work~
Every little picture tells a story! :) And now theres a couple of shops around town that noticed my whimsical illustrations and want to stock my stuff. Life is good.

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