Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Schnelleeeeeeeeeee Update.

Update in dotpoint form!

~my seedlings are flourishing! I am most excited. Pumpkin babies on the way!
~I got a HD for my essay that was worth 60% of my semester grade. So my art history grade is HD as both essays were! Another "Woooooo"
~I'm going to be taking part in my friends Graduate Show and I am making a contribution by letting her stick rice paper on my legs to make stockings. There are about 7 of us wearing various garments made of rice paper. Should be .. .interesting! I'm just glad its not a shirt ^^
~Its me and my beloved boyfriends 2 Year Anniversary today which is very exciting and rewarding. I am still very much in love, possibly even more so that before. :) So snaps for the happy people!
~My badges are selling like crazy. Dragonfly asked for more and offered me a solo show opportunity early next year. :) Lovely. ~I'm loving the sun, the summer and the buying of dresses! I bought a new one from my favourite store Botika, and its splendid. I also made a lovely new friend, a girl from Germany who is in adelaide only today, and we spent more of the afternoon together. anyhow, being in the sun is fun.

Thats probably all for now. I'm waiting for mum to get back from the post office, cos my new (and first ever) SEWING MACHINE IS HERE!! I am chuffed, absolutely excited. Theres only one small, baby problem... I dont know how to sew.

...but that is all going to change very soon! Tooodleee ooo

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