Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The remain.. after everythings been washed away

Right now I am visualizing this :

I'm so excited, Jose Gonzalez is coming in February! Im very very happy about that! Im rounding up friends to go see him because it will be amaaaaazing!

In other news I'm also chuffed amount my semester grades which I found out today. 3 Distinctions and 1 High Distinction. Not toooo shabby :D
More High Distinctions coming my way next year though, hopefully.

In other- other news, I've gone ever more fashion/sewing/design crazy than usual. Im slowly mastering the basics of sewing with my new machine whom I have nicknamed Singy (go figure) and I am starting making calico bags out of random vintage fabrics etc. I have finaaly got a good excuse for browsing magazines and the net for new runway photos! Current inspiration as follows-
~Luella Spring 08

(Im surprised to report Aggy to be in the Luella runway show. Dont know why I'm surprised, really. More pleasantly excited, she usually gets booked for "tougher" roles, more manly runways and high couture)

Anyhow, Im loving the thick rimmed glasses. They so bring nerdy back. Loving loving loving it.

Also, Kitty Came Home had their 2008 Christmas sale on on sunday, and boy am I glad I went! I spent over $100 on Katrina's fabulous merchandise, though it wasnt all for me, so I dont feel too bad. Anyway the stuff is absolutely fabulous and I made friends with Katrina the designer, who is friends with one of my best friends so we're one big arty family. I even found the photo of the exact clutch I bought on her flickr.

This is enough news for now, I'm off to read my new Russh magazine then i'm off to sleep. it may be a miracle, but I think i may be asleep before midnight for the first time in many months!
Good night!

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