Tuesday, December 23, 2008

badge-a-rific and wooly goodness!

I am currently feeling very chipper despite my exhaustion from a long labour-filled day and the late hour for a number of reasons as follows*
1.) I bought my Jose Gonzalez ticket today!!!
3.) Because my etsy store is getting lots and lots of positive feedback and I sent off my first sold etsy badge to Maryland, America today! Very very exciting. And I also visited my real life stockists today who will be stocking my lovely badges from the start of next year. I'm totally chuffed! :)
Here are a few snapshots from my olde shoppe:

Aaaaaalso, I found this amazing artist on etsy by the name of Yokoo who makes these stunning woolen winter creations in lovely hues of "fig" and "sweet pea" for example. Totally fantastic and I am struggling to pick just one item off her list! I am also totally in love with the style of photography and the model in her little product ads (which I think may be the artist herself), which I think attributes to a large % of her success! Here is a small taste of Yokoo's goodness so you can see for yourself!

My favourite colour right now ^

Dripping in boyish goodness.

I laugh every time I look at this picture. Brilliant.

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