Wednesday, January 14, 2009

an illustrated life

Just a quick update from within the paint-splattered realm of mind!
Its been paint ! paint! Paint! lately, which, believe me I have no complaints about, however it does leave my desk in a rather unruly state.
Besides that I have made good money out of my art in recent weeks and I am quite pleased about that. I also 'unleashed' a new range of mini illustration cards/works. Lookey below!

This is

Suzie in the Snow;

This is Suzie doing what she loves best - watching the first snow of the year through her bedroom window. She knows the time has come before the first snowflake even drifts into view. Suzie's heart beats wildly every time she watches the fluffy flakes drift and dance into view, finally touching the ground, waiting to be moulded into something beautiful.

And these are

Pippy and Steve - A Love Story;

This is a portrait of Pippy and Steve, who symbolize all the lucky people that have love in their lives. Steve loves Pippy even though she burns his breakfast toast every morning and sings in the shower very loudly, and Pippy loves Steve back even though he snores like nothing else and never eats the breakfast she prepares for him. They float in their happy white love-bubble and dream of a big house and a puppy.

And finally (for now) its;

James in a Haunted Forest with Arnold the Owl

This is James, and above him, perched on a twindly branch is Arnold the Owl. He finds something really peaceful about the quiet of a Haunted Forest. The way the leaves rustle with an occasional gust of wind, the way a murder of crows sometimes circle over him, as though deciding his fate. Most of all he likes his companion Arnold, who is mostly silent besides the occasional hoot.

This one is probably my favourite so far, but don't tell the others! :) And they look ever so cute in a set on my Paris print.

These babies and more can be viewed at my etsy store here:


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