Friday, March 13, 2009

how time flies..

.. when you're organizing an exchange and travel grants and have a million things happening at the same time! Like my first solo exhibition is coming up in 3-4 weeks and I still need to finish a whole bunch of commissions (and homework for uni!) before I can really focus on that. So right now I'm just getting all these awesome ideas bouncing around my head by getting inspired by some amazing international talent in the form of wicked illustrators such as Andy Hixon;

Other than that, business, as in peachpatrol has been doing really well, my online shop is flourishing and its exciting to watch it grow. ( After I visited the post office yesterday to send off some little badges I came home to find another order waiting for me. So thats always nice :) I think I won't put up more badges on etsy in the coming weeks, I'm going to let the stock run a bit low so as to save them for my first Ed Castle Bazaar which is in a few weeks, then the opening night of my solo show on the 30th of April.

Now I'm off to bake something, at my father's request, and I'm thinking of inventing a recipe for some plum & chocolate cake. With the plums all oozy and yum. Yep. Good plan. Oh and true to form, other things on todays to-do list include:
~work on double panel owl commission (fix tree!)
~wrap up etsy orders and have them ready for monday
~tidy my room for chrissake
~change sheets
~watch some more Long Way Round with Dad
~go for a walk and feed the neighbourhood kittiepusses
~finish my grant form due on monday
~work on women's sexuality essay
~work on exhibition review
~be organized by 4 to leave for dinner
~save some energy for Matt's 21st tonight

Oh and before I forget, Karin Hagen made me smile again;

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