Saturday, April 11, 2009


i saw peaches, an australian feature film directed by Craig Monahan, with the strange and beautiful Emma Lung who really captured my imagination. I did a bit of googling on her and found that her father is half Chinese, her mother Scottish and French. That explains the amazing looks. very cool.

the movie was strange and enticing, kind of dark in ways I didn't really expect and its the first time I came to realize that relations between a minor and an older person really are rather suss. i was always quite 'pro-love', as in if a person is mature enough to make up their mind about who and what they want then they are quite welcome to go after it, but some scenes in this movie really made me question that philosophy, and accept the little nagging voice in my head saying "that aint right man.. that aiintt right..". I felt a little queasy watching a lovescene between an 17 year old and a 40/50 year old. I guess i just found it gross that he held her when she was born and then deflowered her when she was older. it just sent alarmbells ringing in my head. at the same time, you can't help who you fall in love with, or who you are attracted to. I suppose thats just fact?

Either way, this girl really fascinates me, and I think I shall rent '48 Shades' next, which she has a lead role in and looked really good, judging by the trailer. i'm off to the museum now, then the beach, then a 1950s teaparty themed birthday! ta taa

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