Friday, May 1, 2009

kiss and tell

To say I've been busy would be an understatement of astronomic measures. busy does not begin to describe the hectic life I've been enjoying of late. not to say it is a bad thing. just to say its a .. busy thing.

With 3 impending shows, including my very own and very first solo show I really feel as though I am officially living and breathing the visual arts. which is pretty great. I paint more than I sleep, I talk more than I breathe and I think and plan more than I eat.

I've been getting some pretty great feedback on my work which makes me feel good and very encouraged about the direction I'm taking. Working on my show, 'Veneer - the dark side of innocence' has been really exciting and challenging, as sometimes I paint say 3 panels in a row and think "mmmm i don't know" then suddenly I churn one out in 25 minutes and its amazing. This is a little frustrating, but so invigorating because of the unexpected possibilities. Take little Sophie Noluck here. She is the newest child in the series, and in my opinion the best so far.

Sophie wishes for the same thing each birthday, and the more candles she blows out, the more hopeless her situation seems. Throughout the years she has tried growing most herbs, flowers, small shrubs and even succulents, but to no avail. The only thing that seems to grow around Sophie is her hair.

Now to conclude with some inspiration of late:

"Kiss and Tell" by Camille Engman


brandi milne said...

Yay!! Keep on keepin on!

peachpatrol said...

haha, thanks very much - will do!