Thursday, August 27, 2009


sometimes in life you are forced to wonder whether you really know someone. More to the point if its worth changing yourself/your own behavior in the (vain?) belief of trusting that it is the right thing to do, especially because your, say, significant other believes it is so.

But what happens when your dreamy, almost blind trust turns around to bite you in the ass, as you discover something that sends this entire little castle crumbling to the ground?

Do you confront the person? Do you keep your mouth shut? Do you go and live out/experience the situation yourself by also doing what you've thus far been forbidden to do?

The array of choices is far from dizzying, however the anger and frustration that follow such a discovery is quite surprising. Perhaps I will find this snippet of information contradicted, or in fact nothing but a piece of fiction, a misheard chinese whisper.
.. one can only hope.


steph. said...

oh no, dear. i hope so too.

it seems odd to offer, but let me know if i can do anything...

peachpatrol said...

thanks Steph :)
yeah.. bit of a dilly of a pickle ! :S