Monday, August 31, 2009

bunny ears, baby!

I was doing my usual fashion stalking when I came across this image of the lovely Kinga Rajzak, with the bunny ears not being the only fascinating addition to this photo - but the amazing necklace! *miscellaneous dangly thing*

Its exactly along the lines of the jewellery/clothing I've been thinking about and designing, with strong geometric shapes, muted tones and an interesting juxtaposition of shapes/vessels/objects.

I also came across this new Aa addition which I really like. Speaking of American Apparel, they are really starting to rock my socks. I really this heavily textured mini-short concoction. Especially with a baggy singlet like that. I reckon it would look even better with a black bra showing - not that one would walk down the street bra-less. Then again I will say, the amount of "hello nipple" there is these days is pretty astounding. Ladies really need to take the hint - just because Kate Moss makes anything and everything look amazing without any "support" does not mean all sisters can go freestyle. thats all I'm sayin..

Kate Moss, queen of Nipples and fashion:


Giselle Ariane said...

lol. queen of nipples. That, she is.

peachpatrol said...

hahaha :)