Monday, August 31, 2009

how to curate cake

After checking out my newest lovely follower I read a post about her quest to find her path in life, and the struggle of deciding what to study. I thought about it a bit and then sent a bit of a monster size reply (for a comment anyway!) Then I realized how significant that was for me too, so I decided to repost it here for future reference.

1 September 2009
Well, I could write on this topic til.. well.. forever!

But before I start rambling about myself, there is one point I would like to adress. something I've found through my own life experience and through what others have told me -

you lifepath and passion is mostly evident since childhood! did you always make up little stories in your head about people you saw on the train? did you draw little characters and imagine what their lives were like? always got an A in English and felt good when you got to be creative? Does your heart skip a beat when you see an amazing work of art or literature and feel an instant connection?

.. if so, then I have news for you dear friend. You will most likely not be an astro-physicist or a banker.

Last week I was interviewed about my art and my practice, and the lovely girl interviewing me asked if art was something i'd sortof "always done" or if it was a newfound talent and I thought about it for second and came to a significant realization. ~ It had always been there. I spoke of some early memories, like sitting at a long table in kindy in front of a sunny window, and the nanny plonking a giant vase of branches with yellow blossoms on it, placing paper if front of us all and telling us to paint it. I don't remember my painting, but I do remember everyone crowding around my painting and saying how wonderful it was and how good that felt.

About 2 years later Mum decided to renovate the apartment and told me that in the weeks leading up to the "big painting" I would be allowed to draw on the wall. So I did, and felt amazing. I remember swinging my arms about, drawing these gigantic concentric circles with my pencils, and feeling this immense sense of achievement. After the "big painting", I was also obedient enough to not draw on the walls. But now, it looks like there will be a show next year where I will be allowed to paint on the gallery wall, and its nice that I have a bit of experience behind me now :)

Going to art school was probably the best decision of my life, and it wasn't even something I considered doing until a few months beforehand. I was considering journalism, international studies and politics, anthropology and linguistics.. and then someone I really didn't get along with joined the conversation, and in attempt to rain on my parade said "why don't you just go study art? you're always scribbling and doodling!" .. and so I though.. yeah.. why don't I???

Now I'm an artist getting payed to do what I love, and I wake up every day with a smile on my face. Uni is hard, often draining but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Do some soul searching, ask your parents what you did when you were little (or ask yourself) and read the signs life has thrown your way throughout your life!

Goodluck darling!
PS: Judging by the photos I chose to illustrate this little article I now realize that i am in the wrong vocation after all - maybe I should've been a food critic or taste-tester..


Giselle Ariane said...

this was the best comment i've ever recieved. Thank you so much for taking the time out to give this advice. And the funny thing is, I've always been a reader/writer and into fashion. I have my fashion book from 5th grade where i would cut out looks from magazines that I loved and glue them in there along with drawing a few looks of my own. Of course, My taste has changed immensely but the love is still there. as for writing, I have journals since 6th grade, filled. You have helped me make up my mind. I know it won't be easy but i'm willing to work.

peachpatrol said...

You're very welcome. :) And there you go! Looks like you always knew the answer, it was just hard to go up against the Naysayers. Take in their views, and make up your own and be strong in it. You go girl!