Friday, August 14, 2009

keyholes and sushi

After a busy day of lectures, glass blowing, shopping, researching and meeting with friends and clients I finally had time in the evening to relax and go out to gelati with a friend and go to the Tree House booklaunch I've been looking forward to for a while. It was held at r h d which can be found at
22 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide [kudos to Stewart Cook for the photo up the top]
which was good a handful of reasons.
1) it was very close to the gelati place
2)there was a good sized crowd mingling
3)this was a rad publication of illustrations which of course floats my boat
4)there was sushi
5)nice people
6)i (re)discovered Rittenhouse. Or atleast finally put the label to the name to the garment. yes. and I finally realized WHY (whyyyy the deuce?!!@!#!) it took me so long to find them because I am actually irrevocable in love. Because, r h d is the only stockist in South Australia. *sigh. what a bunch of nincompoops, south australian shops are for not having this amazing clothing on speed dial and speedy racks. seriously. amazing. I spent majority of tonight browsing, drooling.. dreaming. look look look!


I love the slouchy chik these garments exude, and the way they blend simple design with unique touches, like little keyhole nooks with buttons and terrific tailoring that make the clothes pop. I'm so excited, I can't wait to go back to r h d tomorrow and try some of this on. Really. wow.


steph. said...

mmm yes, rittenhouse, so good! i wanted to go to that book launch but i don't really 'know' anyone... it just gets awkward when i try to go to those things! haha. do you know if i can buy the book anywhere though? i'd really love to see it!

peachpatrol said...

uhmm... you can get Stewart Cook off of my friends list on facebook and write him a message. he's in the book so he can help you out! its like a Superzine really. not so much a book. still rad tho.