Friday, August 14, 2009

a preview of summer

ooh and I forgot to mention something very significant that happened today. something history rendering. earth shattering.

it was warm enough to wear shorts today.

OK OK.. let me repeat that for you, I know its hard to believe considering this is Adelaide, and its been bloody freezing the past few months. So here goes..

it was warm enough to wear shorts today.

There. I said it. amazing. so this little taste of summer set my brain abuzz and got me looking forward to all the wonders the summer solstace bring with its bountiful warm bosom such as beach volleyball, tan, warm summer nights with open windows and starry skies, beach beach beach, skirts and shorts, excuse for new bikini (not that I need one as I believe i fall in the "dire need" category for this garment) and many many more fun facts about summer and all its pros. all this coming from a self-confessed winter girl. yes. Oh yes and whilst I'm on the topic of bikinis I found some really great designs by MINKPINK who are a pretty sweet up and coming label I keep seeing a lot of in the 'hot' stores around town.

and I rather rate the look on the right. (except with bra methinks.. so as to avoid traffic hazards at least) and I am rather a fan of the photography of this seasons MINKPINK catalog. really good.

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