Friday, August 14, 2009

a climb up the Hill

I realize I don't often include men's fashion in my blog, most likely because i am a woman attracted to women's clothing and the like, however this guy really captures my attention. could it be the scraggly look of a russian revolutionary, or maybe the fiery glance of a passionate poet? Yes and Yes, I think? This is Ben Hill for Tommy Hilfiger in Attitude Mag and I think he's pretty great. I've been trying to think and I've just realized who he reminds me of - one of my favourite men in a parallel Hollywood. Gael Garcia Bernal.

Speaking of poets and revolutionaries, the above man was both and significantly so. He went by the name of Petőfi Sándor and was a played a significant part in the 1848 revolutions in Hungary.

Speaking of Attitude mag, look who is gracing the newest cover?
Guess he's literally sailing the seas of Hollywood eh?

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