Friday, August 21, 2009

make a wish

[source for above balloon shot is carninscatola ]

Every time I think up a new little project, roadtrip, patisserie, monument, piece of land to visit during my impending eurotrip I get a feeling that's a little bit like a flutter in the vicinity of my heart.

The countries I am guaranteed to visit are Germany, Hungary, Holland, Spain and France and the "I wish" list includes ~
Denmark, UK, Portugal, Luxemburg, Scandinavia, Faroe Island, The Baltic countries (Namely Lithuania), Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Italy. Theres probably more, like more of Eastern Europe and maybe more north stuff aswell. How to choose? Limited funds make this trip a little more interesting as I am literally going to travel europe on a shoestring. but it will be amazing. I am taking my trusty polaroid Duke with me, with whom the furthest I've traveled so far was Sydney, and Glenelg :) So he is clearly hungry for more adventures, as am I. Here are a few gems we have collaborated on:

Gulls of Sea ~ Glenelg

Myself in front of some cool street art on Oxford Street, sunny Sydney

My man and I at the Sydney Opera House. (one of the best days I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying)

Also, I am really loving The Whitest Boy Alive, especially 'Burning'. See if this works if you want a taste:

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